Non-Surgical Hair Restoration


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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

Non-surgical hair restoration is the future of hair loss treatment! These non-invasive hair restoration techniques can encourage the growth of your own, natural hair follicles to fill in areas of thinning hair. Non-surgical hair restoration can achieve a fuller hairline without the lengthy recovery times of traditional hair transplant methods. Unlike procedures of the past, which required extensive time off and left conspicuous scars, non-invasive hair restoration can be completed with minimal downtime. These revolutionary hair regrowth methods can achieve long-lasting improvements to the thickness and density of your hair.

Our doctors at Tampa Hair Restoration Center are at the forefront of the newest hair transplantation technologies. We incorporate the latest non-surgical hair restoration procedures to ensure the utmost precision and comfort when performing hair loss therapy. These non-invasive hair transplant methods can regenerate your natural hair follicles to restore proper hair growth. PRP Progrowth Hair Therapy and stem cell hair restoration are two non-invasive techniques that can each achieve long-lasting results without the need for extensive surgery.

Non-Invasive Hair Restoration

Tampa Hair Restoration Center is proud to offer Progrowth Hair Therapy and stem cell hair restoration for patients looking to regrow their natural hair. These techniques are different from other hair restoration methods in that they do not focus on transplanting hair follicles from one location to the other. Instead, PRP hair therapy and stem cell hair restoration encourage the growth of your natural hair by regenerating your hair follicles. Progrowth Hair Therapy utilizes your body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) for hair restoration. These platelets are rich in growth factors that can help encourage tissue healing and cell regeneration to restore your hair follicles. On the other hand, stem cell hair restoration harvests stem cells from your body fat to stimulate hair growth. These stem cells have the ability to regenerate your natural hair follicles. Both PRP Progrowth Hair Therapy and stem cell hair restoration are revolutionary techniques that can achieve long-lasting results. Learn more about these non-surgical hair restoration procedures below!

How Do I Get Started With Non-Surgical Hair Restoration In Tampa?

The doctors and staff at Tampa Hair Restoration Center would be happy to help you set up a private consultation to discuss non-surgical hair restoration in Tampa. Schedule an appointment online or call our Florida location @ 855.459.4247.